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I’ve been waiting for the right time to post these pictures and I feel like that time is here, now. Back in 2017, I’ve styled an editorial in collaboration with Elite London and Tibi Vintur. Tibi has some great photography skills and I’m happy I’ve worked with him during the time he was in London. <3 We didn’t choose the location, somehow, it chose us! We were leaving the hotel when realized how beautiful Big Ben looked from behind so that was it! We started shooting there & Voila!

When I chose what to wear that day I would have never thought that my outfit will go so well with the Sunset. Sunsets make me so happy, almost as happy as fashion. In this period of time, I thought a lot about fashion. More specific, the fashion industry.. what it takes? What do I do? How do I get there?

I’m not an emotional person but I have to admit, when it comes to the things that I love.. I can be very sensitive. Having big dreams will always put you on a good spot to start achieving them. Why? Because you know where you’re heading and that’s maybe, the most important thing. It’s not even about competition, we all have a spot and we all have our own shining star. Patience. I need to work on that because without it, you can get stuck. I may have done that, who knows.

I’m happy because I have found my true two loves. Acting and fashion make me the happiest person on earth and that’s why I will never stop working on both of them. There are two big moments when I have realized that this is what I have to do with my life.

The first one happened in Park City when I was at the Sundance Film Festival, I used to have a red little bracelet with a little heart on it. When I first put it on, many years ago.. I made a wish and I said to myself that when that bracelet will break, my wish will either come true or something good about it was about to happen. The crazy thing is that, I got ready for the red carpet Movie Premiere for the movie I was acting in (Pioneers Palace) and before I left the hotel, I saw my bracelet on the floor. I had it on my hand for about 3 years and it broke exactly in that moment. I started to cry. Why? Because I knew.


The second one happened back in the September of 2017 when I attended my first Fashion Week show in London. I never knew how it was like, how was I supposed to act or feel but when I got in and the show started I couldn’t help myself and I started to cry. Why? Because I knew..

And when you know, you know…

Never listen to anybody that will ever tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t do it. If you feel that it is the right thing to do and it will make your heart happy, do it. I know that when I’ll go back and think about my 20’s or my early career, these will always appear on the front page.


Follow your dreams, your instincts and it will all be ok.

P.S don’t forget to watch the Sunset every once in a while..(it may be PINK)







All Zara outfit

Musette bag



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