2nd of August. You’re here. The day I was born, the day I’ll constantly be reminded that life passes so fast, maybe too fast.. but right now, I’m 20. How old are you?

20 years of Joy, Happiness and Gratefulness just passed, right in front of my eyes. Should I cry or should I laugh? I don’t know. What I know is that I always loved life and it loved me right back. That’s how it works, at least for me. I am so young and so sensitive. Where will my life be in 10 years? 20? Or even 30?! I don’t know; but that’s the magic of it. (B you’re probably laughing cause you know what happened, obviously you’re old now)

Is it normal to feel that I have so little time and so many things to do? This is how I feel right now. You’re probably the only one that can answer these questions for me. I don’t feel pressured by surroundings but by me, my inner self. The pressure of being the best version of me, the best person I could ever be.


Where you at, girl? Hollywood I hope.

I have this feelings ever since I was born and nothing will ever change it. I am writing you with my blood boiling only by thinking about it. I wanna be there, I wanna make it. I know I will. BE BRAVE. That’s what my name says, BB. Trusting my lioness instinct will get me there, as it always did. Right. No question mark here.

One life, only one life in which I can do whatever I want to. So I’ll be and I’ll do what I want but first, I’ll be kind. That’s what mom taught me. Kindness, love & and the essence of every single moment. But you already know that.

Help people, listen to them, get to know their stories, their goals… This will make me achieve one of mine. Didn’t it?


Is this still my motto? Probably cause I can’t think of a better one. Oh wait, I can. BE AUTHENTIC. I can’t think of a life that’s not authentic or at least I can’t think of mine like that. I hope you’re happy, just like today. I am now happy, my family and friends love me, I am still very young and very restless. Do you need any other reasons? Me neither.┬áDon’t ever change, and most importantly.. DON’T FORGET TO BE AWESOME.


I love you so much, B


P.S Enjoy today just like at your 20th anniversary. <3




Zara suit

Tria Alfa brooch

Musette shoes

Pull&Bear top



(make up by me)



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