Hi everyone,

This post is for us, girls! Everyone dreams about that big prom at the end of High School but mostly about the idea of it, dressing up, putting nice make-up on and all of that pamper up! Yes, I admit it; I am completely into it and I will always be because I am and you are all ladies after all and this what we do, put elegance from the inside out from time to time.

For me, simplicity is my mother nature, I feel like elegance is definitely shown in a simple way and attitude makes a dress elegant from my point of view.

Lace is so so fancy and fine, it is hard to describe how I feel about it because it’s so biutiful as a peony, maybe this is why I felt like putting one on my ear( it also is my favorite flower on earth but this is out of the subj)

Girls tend to spend too much money in dresses which don’t look as elegant and simple as they should look but this one that I am wearing is from Zara, the whole outfit is from Zara and I must say that I adore every single piece(sandals Musette).

With this post I wanted to show everyone that you don’t really have to pay milions on dresses to look chic and classy, everything on me beside the sandals is less then 400 ron, and with this I said my point! I hope you all like the pictures which Lavinia Ioana took for me, she is very nice! <3

Also, MUA: the great Ema Uta

I will end this point with what COCO CHANEL once said…

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

Till next time,

Have a biutiful day ahead <3

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Hey guys,

Last night was amazing.. I had my second movie premiere and I’m loving more and more what I do. The film world is just as magical as a fairytale, I can’t really describe it in words but when you know you’re the one on the big screen … well, that makes me so happy because this is what I love most, acting is my life and basically the only thing I actually can do. (well I guess lol)

I posted a lot of pictures which my mom took before the premiere because I didn’t want to waste such a beautiful make up without it being photographed properly so you can all see it down below. I hope you like this look as much as I do. I don’t usually wear my hair straight , especially if I’m having an event but I thought it looked way more elegant like this. ( marsala dress + straight hair = love )

Unfortunately, the movie can be seen only in Bucharest at Grand Cinema Digiplex but I hope it will be soon on the internet as well.

If anyone wants to take a look this is the movie’s facebook page:¬†

Till then, take a look and if you want tell me what you think.

Have a BIUtiful friday night,




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Paga Shop dress

Zara shoes

Boemia earings