White Spring?

Hey guys,

The title is very suggestive, literally says it all.. We’ve shot these pictures back in December but I have to say that if I’d go back to Straja right now, it would look the same. Oh well, I don’t personally mind because I am in London but I have to admit that i really do miss Spring & Summer. Unfortunately, I’ve had some issues uploading these pictures but it finally worked out and they’re here for you! <3

First of all, I will start by saying how wonderful Straja is. I grew up there, I am that girl who loves the Mountains and the activities within it. Believe it or not, we shot these pictures on a skiing slope and I feel really bad for Ancira because he was probably freeeeezing without gloves!

Pink? Shocked? Obviously not.. you know I’ve created some kind of passion for this color. I believe that you can’t have a bad day if you’re wearing pink. It can be tricky, we don’t want to turn ourselves into Barbies.. but hey, who doesn’t love Barbie if you think about it.

I got this jacket from Bershka, really affordable and really cool! As the jacket itself suggests, never stop wondering.. <3

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures and I will see you soon with another outfit I shot back home.

Have the best day,


ANCIRA ADEON photography

A Winter Poem

Hey guys,

I’m assuming that you’re waiting for that poem.. oh well it starts with ‘ Oh My God ‘ and it ends in ‘ It’s so freaking cold!!!’ but I guess that’s one of the thing that makes winter so authentic & there’s nothing out there that I love more than authenticity.

We shots these icy photos at Straja, the place where I was born in. Probably, this is the reason why I love snow and Winter so much. I simply cannot choose between Summer & Winter. My birthday takes place during the Summer & obviously some say that it can’t be beaten by any Season but it all gets washed off when I think about all of the great memories that I made in Straja when I was just a little kid. Literally my whole childhood memories contain the Mountains..<3

I spent almost my whole Winter break in the Mountains this year including New Year’s Eve & Christmas and I had so much fun, I’d do it all over again. Although,I was born there.. I would never consider it home because I moved to Timisoara when I was about 6 so my whole life took part there. BUT home is where your hearts is anyway and mine is in Los Angeles. Where’s yours? (plot twist haha)

I’m always looking forward to go skiing and snowboarding and that’s why I’m very excited to go back to Straja next week, it recently snowed so it couldn’t get any better for my feet.

Outfits? Always as cozy as you can but with a little twist even if you’re on top of the Mountain. <3

Wearing Zara hat & sweater, Primark overall dress and Musette shoes.

See you next time,





Photos: Ancira Adeon