Hey everyone,

In this post I want to show you how different an outfit can change even if there’s a common piece in it. This is one of the reasons I love fashion so much, it can change by just a flipping a coin… I got this super cool jacket from at the best piece I could’ve asked for , it still is on sale and you can get it for just 29,97 lei , crazy right? I know. So hurry up, check out the whole outlet and buy your thing. I must say that this jacket wasn’t the only thing I found at Kurtmann, I also got that Zara dress I’m wearing with a pair of purple pants, the sunglasses I’m wearing on the second outfit and also a basic black t-shirt which is always there to help you out when you need something simple. Oh my God, I almost forgot… the jeans!!! Aren’t they amazing? I know, they are! That high waist is just fabulous and guess what? I got them for 17,97 lei… NO, I am not joking! Check them out here : I love outlets so much and I always get lost in them but Kurtmann is really well organized and I hope you’ll like it too. I’ll leave links for everything I got from them so don’t be SHY and check them out <3 They’re BIUlicious 🙂






Have a good one( shoppppingggg),



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Kurtmann : dress,blue sunglasses,jeans,t-shirt,jacket.

Pants: Zara

Hat: Meli Melo

Flower sunglasses: Paga shop

Heels: Jazz



Hello guys,

Today I’ll be showing you  some shots from Glamour Street Fashion Week. I was looking forward for last night’s tales and look, it already happened and here I am writing about it…I had so much fun, I love being surrounded by people who have the same interests as I do more or less. Since it was all about fashion and clothes I had two looks for the night because I just couldn’t decide on whether to wear the dress or the pants… so I did both of them 🙂

My two favorite girls are Diana Enciu from Alina Tanasa( FABULOUS MUSES) and I am super happy that I got to spend time with them in such a pretty in pink enviroment. Fashion isn’t about showing off so we did let the clothes speak for ourselves as we always like to do and how I like to do on my blog.

Glamour isn’t just a term, it is so much more than that, an attitude, a way to sparkle, a way to wear clothes in which you feel great and for me… a state of mind. Luxury and elegance can be found in so many little details that we learn how to appreciate the little things.

Well…this is it for day. I’ll also let the pics speak and empower you with positive energy. Till next time… <3

Have a BIUtiful and Glamorous day,



DSC_2970 DSC_2980 DSC_2957 DSC_2986 DSC_2987 DSC_3012 DSC_3019 DSC_3013 DSC_3025 DSC_3015 DSC_3032 DSC_3036 DSC_3068 DSC_3050 DSC_3060 DSC_3066 DSC_3031


Musette sandals

Zara cut cardigan

Zara pants

Bershka shirt

Damascus fur

Custom made hat

Skinny Dip milk bag