Hello (it’s me),

Soooo, I am very happy that today is Monday and it’s actually an ultra free day to do anything I want. These photos are taken in my house in my” Natural Habitat” and I hope you can all see that it was comfy and all that stuff. For them I have to thank Cristina Siminiceanu for being as sweet as she always is to take the photos.

I don’t really know if you can tell but my hair was really wet lol. I thought it gave the look something a bit more edgier even if it isn’t something special, just a short shoot in my house.

I didn’t mean to write anything about the outfit because it’s just a one piece slimsuit as you can see which I borrowed from my father’s closet but I really loved it. I did some research and I actually found that the most famous of them all is the one designer by Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme in 2002.

Hedi Slimane also said:

” Vulnerability is beautiful to me. There might be a need to fabricate your own beauty paradigms. I guess I never quite bought into any kind of ‘standard’.”  ( and I guess that’s what he felt when he was wearing a suit)

I hope you liked the pics! Share if you did!

Have a BIUtiful Monday,


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