Hey guys,

I don’t know how you feel about Summer coming to an end but I know how I feel. I’m happy, I’m happy because I had the chance to live another beautiful Summer, to enjoy every moment of it with my friends & family. At the end of the day, that’s what matters.. being with your loved ones.

The past month.. August, gave me a sweet taste of my new age. 20! It’s hard to get used to it, when people ask me how old I am I still answer 19 aaaand no, I still don’t notice it. Only after a few minutes. I will, eventually! August makes me feel so good, maybe my zodiac sign has something to do with it. I love lions and I’m so happy when I meet one. They’re loyal, nice & smart! (no, I’m not talking about myself!! Lol)

This Summer felt just like a blink; not more, not less. It’s weird cause I actually managed to do a lot of things. London, NeverSea, Milan, Birthday, Untold, Barcelona, Shop My Closet event. 7 words that helped the circle of my Summer be way more shiny. And special.

I won’t even feel nostalgic about it, I feel like this year will start so well that I will only think of this Summer as a little piece of my puzzle. But a very grateful piece. Great things are coming. Curious? Stay tuned!


Till then, enjoy these photos shot by my good friend, Amalia Gaita! She always knows what I’m looking for in a shoot.. <3







Zara top

Stradivarius skirt

Tria Alfa sunglasses

Zara sandals




Hi everyone,

This post is for us, girls! Everyone dreams about that big prom at the end of High School but mostly about the idea of it, dressing up, putting nice make-up on and all of that pamper up! Yes, I admit it; I am completely into it and I will always be because I am and you are all ladies after all and this what we do, put elegance from the inside out from time to time.

For me, simplicity is my mother nature, I feel like elegance is definitely shown in a simple way and attitude makes a dress elegant from my point of view.

Lace is so so fancy and fine, it is hard to describe how I feel about it because it’s so biutiful as a peony, maybe this is why I felt like putting one on my ear( it also is my favorite flower on earth but this is out of the subj)

Girls tend to spend too much money in dresses which don’t look as elegant and simple as they should look but this one that I am wearing is from Zara, the whole outfit is from Zara and I must say that I adore every single piece(sandals Musette).

With this post I wanted to show everyone that you don’t really have to pay milions on dresses to look chic and classy, everything on me beside the sandals is less then 400 ron, and with this I said my point! I hope you all like the pictures which Lavinia Ioana took for me, she is very nice! <3

Also, MUA: the great Ema Uta

I will end this point with what COCO CHANEL once said…

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

Till next time,

Have a biutiful day ahead <3

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DSC_0985 DSC_0988 DSC_0989-001



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DSC_1090 DSC_1091


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