Hey guys,

It’s been real & it’s been fun. I don’t know what happened but we laughed way to much without having exact certain reasons. It’s probably the air…yeah, Italy! Stop it ? first we flew to Italy & then we decided we wanted to go for a day in Switzerland, Lake Lugano. It was more than WOW! That destination is simply magnificent, if you love peace, nature & swans; pack up your bags & leave. It’s so quiet and it makes you feel so good! I so recommend it to anyone that loves to see new places in this cute world that we have.
Milan…do I have to talk about it? Who doesn’t love it? The Galleries…the Duomo, the streets, the food, the great people! Milan is ALWAYS a good idea. I already miss that 4 formaggi pizza with salami on top… yum!
We took photos with the camera in the first two days, with the first two outfits. No, we didn’t run out of batteries, I just already posted a lot of details of my third outfit on instagram. So check it of you’re curious ( biu_braicu).

I hope you like what I chose to wear in the sunny Lugano & Milan.

I’m always ready to go, always adveturous so don’t be surprised if in a month or two you’ll be seeing me walking the streets of another BIUtiful city.

There are a lot of funny stories that have happened but I don’t believe this is the right content to write on?. Let’s get back to fashioooon!!!

Check these photos out that Iulia Nicoli did & Alexa Vlad edited.

Kiss you all,
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Hey everyone,



This is the second post from Milan Fashion Week and I’m staring to love it here more and more day by day…I could live in a Fashion Week forever lol. This outfit is so me…all over; if I had to choose one outfit to live in for the rest of my life, this would definitely be it!!! It’s just the fact that it’s so feminine and strong at the same time… This pink flower made of feathers by Gabriela Dumitran is giving me chills just by looking at it and I wore it the whole day! (Awesome)

I just wanted to say…. never be afraid to be yourself, show everyone who you really are, this is what I did today and I felt like a total princess of Italy hahah.

I hope you like it as much as I do…

( Zara pants&short, Gabriela Dumitran Flower hair accessory)




Have a great Monday,


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