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These days are pretty exciting for me so I want to share with you some of the shots I took today. This is my first fashion week and I can’t describe into words how powerful the vibe is around Milan. Everyone is beautiful,charming and well dressed, this is the perfect enviroment I could have asked for. Take a look; I hope you like my outfit. The main piece is the hat(my signature) which is made by Gabriela Dumitran, the feathers are amazing but you can all see how perfect the hat looks… <3


Take a lot! KISSES <3


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Today’s post is about PARIS and only PARIS! As they say…Paris is always a good idea; not only the lovable vibes but just when you go there you kinda feel in love even if you’re not. In the past few days I tried to enjoy the most of it and also make the best of it being  also in a theme with the beautiful city. Down there you’ll find 5 of my outfits that I wore in Paris. I do love hats more than almost anything so I chose to wear 5 of my favorites that give a chic parisian air and elegance.

Everything about Paris can give you goosebumps especially if you’re into fashian like I am … just try to imagine you stepped exactly  where the queen of elegance ( Coco Chanel ) did every single day and you’ll feel the vibe. When I mean everyday I mean , you must go to Rue Cambon 31. The street is full of  positive vibes . Just think about the fact that that’s where she lived and you will get the rest of the story.

Alright, I’m not going to bore you with my stories from Paris just trying to show my excitement about how wonderful Paris is.

As I like to think it is..

Fairy tales only happen in movies and Paris!

„ A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day anywhere alse.”

Thanks for reading.



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Wearing :

Mohito skirt and shirt

Zara sandals

H&M hat

Zara sunglasses
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Wearing :

ASOS dress

Musette sandals

Vintage hat


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Wearing  :

Zara skirt and shirt

Vintage hat

Zara sandals

Stradivarius sunglasses

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Wearing :

Zara skirt,mini bag, t-shirt

American apparel hat

mnnzsbcncxzbcxnbxn nasbjasnbdshjbd hahahahaha mmndsnbdsfffbbfbffbfbWearing one of my favorite hats( also vintage )