Hey everyone,


I came back with good news! I finally got my dream sunglasses, I’ve been dreaming about them since I first saw them on the catwalk and now, they’re finally mine..

You guessed it right! There are no bad news, only good ones.. you can get your pair or another one with 10% discount if you add my code: EYERIMRO10 onĀ



MIU MIU is one of my favorite brands ever and I feel like they truly create the most unique pairs of sunglasses. I found the one that matches my soul, have you? <3


Here are a bunch of pictures just for you to enjoy <3



Hope you like them,




photography: Amalia Gaita



White Spring?

Hey guys,

The title is very suggestive, literally says it all.. We’ve shot these pictures back in December but I have to say that if I’d go back to Straja right now, it would look the same. Oh well, I don’t personally mind because I am in London but I have to admit that i really do miss Spring & Summer. Unfortunately, I’ve had some issues uploading these pictures but it finally worked out and they’re here for you! <3

First of all, I will start by saying how wonderful Straja is. I grew up there, I am that girl who loves the Mountains and the activities within it. Believe it or not, we shot these pictures on a skiing slope and I feel really bad for Ancira because he was probably freeeeezing without gloves!

Pink? Shocked? Obviously not.. you know I’ve created some kind of passion for this color. I believe that you can’t have a bad day if you’re wearing pink. It can be tricky, we don’t want to turn ourselves into Barbies.. but hey, who doesn’t love Barbie if you think about it.

I got this jacket from Bershka, really affordable and really cool! As the jacket itself suggests, never stop wondering.. <3

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures and I will see you soon with another outfit I shot back home.

Have the best day,


ANCIRA ADEON photography