HOW I DO FESTIVALS (tips&tricks)

Hey guys,

Step aside, 7 outfits are coming.

Y'all know how much I love them music festivals, Oh, well.. you also can't go in pajamas. You spend a lot of money on the ticket, the way there, accommodation & so on..

That's how you end up with no money for your outfit. Thadaaaah. This is where I come with fashion advices with a really low budget. I'll show you every single outfit that I wore at #NEVERSEA & #UNTOLD and how much I payed for them.

I will start with the ones from Untold cause it happened 5 days ago. (btw it was pretty sick <3)

First of all, you get over the cliche #festivalmood outfits with fringes, classic chokers, simple hats & golden tattoos. Yep, you get rid of them. Instead of trying on those, you think of something that will make everyone turn their heads for you. Not because you have every shiny thing that you found on you, but because you feel good in your own skin and in what you you radiate. <3


So here it is, this the outfit number one:

I got the blue jeans from Pull&Bear for only 50.00 lei. Crazy, right?

The T-shirt is from Zara(39.00 lei)

Bag from Accessorize(15.00€) P.S I got it from Como Lago about two weeks ago I think and it was on a 70% Sale because it was way too cheap for how beautiful it is!!

As in for accessories: sunglasses from a Vintage shop in Bucharest for 30.00 lei, earrings from Zara for 59.90 lei and bracelet from Koton for 29.00 lei.

There you have it. A whole outfit made out of almost every piece on sale. Style a braided pony tail and slay the day.


Day two, I thought about getting into the festival deeper and deeper with a looot of glitter on me. I just love it, it's like that feeling when you can't stop adding highlighter but it's glitter. Hahahah, you'll see if you haven't on my Instagram posts.

I got the dress from Jaded London, I must was not on sale and it was not cheap BUT it was definitely worth it! 😉 It was about 90$ and I got it from Asos.

The orange choker is from H&M and I got it for only 5.00 lei and the sandals from Musette but you don't count them cause I could've used any other simple pair and it would have looked just the same.

What makes the outfit shine is the make-up and the little diamonds on my face. They're from Bershka and they were 20.00 lei. They really do make a difference #biuatfestivalsssss

Hope you like it!

With this outfit I will have to thank Andreea Bogdan for putting me in it's so cool to be in Elle. So cool! <3


Day 3 was so special. And the outfit so affordable! Check this out:

I got the skirt and T-shirt for 30.00 lei each from Pull&Bear. I had the pink socks in my closet for awhile but they cost max. 20.00 lei.

Got the sunglasses from a local vintage market for 10.00 lei and the pink hair fastener for about 20.oo lei also from Pull&Bear but I got two of them.

I chose an old bag of mine from Zara that was simple and black and added a scarf to it from Stradivarius that I got for 10.00 lei.

And the sandals, they're so basic. They work with almost anything. I bought them for 200.00 lei but they're old and you can always use any other basic pair that you already have.

So, this is my third outfit. Do you guys like it?

P.S Thanks Cristian Vieriu for taking these awesome shots for me.



Aaand last but not least. The fourth outfit from Untold 2017..I had such a great time, you don't always get the feeling of wanting to go back but right now, I feel it and it's so strong. I wanna go back! TAKE ME BAAACK <3

I think this one was my favorite outfit of them all. It was comfy and electric at the same time.

I got the T-shirt from Pull&Bear for only 20.00 lei. I must admit.. I cut it off cause I wanted it to be more like a crop top due to my pants being high waisted and it turned out to be just what I wanted and what I imagined.

OH! The pants, I got them for 40.00 lei, also from Pull&Bear. Amazing,right?! <3

About the shimmery belt, I bought for 1,00 lei from a vintage market and it completed the outfit better than expected. I used the same basic sandals( told you, they really work with almost anything)

Sunglasses from Asos - 18.00  € and face accessories from Bershka - 20.00 lei

The bag is from Jimmy Choo but you can always use another one, it won't change the look. Not even for a bit.

T A K E   A   L O O K -->



This is it for Untold. Curious about what I got for you from NeverSea? --->


It's so funny cause people have been calling me that day: Khaleesi, Esmeralda, Princess, Snow White... and so on. It's what they saw, you can't judge them hahah.

I bought the top from Asos for about 25.00 $ I don't remember exactly and the skirt from TopShop for 40.00 $

It seems simple at first sight but taking a closer look you can see that by accessorizing it, it looks fuller and brighter. (even if it's already white lol)

Shoes from Musette, earrings and rings from Bershka, bracelet from Koton and the head accessory from a little shop in LA that I found on the Walf of Fame. So, here it is. My first #NeverSea outfit.




The second outfit is the one that I felt most comfortable in. I did cut another piece of clothing; a sweater this time. I did it to make the outfit sexier and more summerish, added a pink laced bra and voila!

Sweater from Stradivarius for 59.00 lei, Bra also from Stradivarius for 29.00 lei and shorts from H&M for only 40.00 lei.

Pink scarf from Stradivarius for 10.00 lei and sunglasses from TopShop for 20.00$. I completed the outfit with my pink Nike Huaraches that placed the whole styling in a comfy area. <3

I hope you like it as much as I do. I was surprised to find myself in with this one. HMMM <3 Thank you, Cristina Craciun! 🙂




And this is the last outfit. The last from NeverSea and the last from this post. It's a co-ord that I fell in love with while I was searching for cool things on Asos, and I did found something. This co-ord! I got it for about 50.00 € and I think it's perfect for a festival that's held on the beach! Beach pleaseeee! 😀

The overrated sandals are present, of course. I remember we didn't have so much time to prepare that day so I quickly made two pig tails and added some stars and moons on my hair. (accessories from H&M)

BTW.. check out the coolest Henna tattoo made by no other than Laura Constantin aka Henna Journey <3



So guys, there are so many options. Almost everything that I bought was on sale, you can do festivals like a rock star; just be brave! <3

I hope you feel more inspired by the end of this post, mwah! See you later!

Photo credits and special thanks to:

Cristian Vieriu

Andreea Bogdan

Ancira Adeon

Andreea Retinschi




2nd of August. You're here. The day I was born, the day I'll constantly be reminded that life passes so fast, maybe too fast.. but right now, I'm 20. How old are you?

20 years of Joy, Happiness and Gratefulness just passed, right in front of my eyes. Should I cry or should I laugh? I don't know. What I know is that I always loved life and it loved me right back. That's how it works, at least for me. I am so young and so sensitive. Where will my life be in 10 years? 20? Or even 30?! I don't know; but that's the magic of it. (B you're probably laughing cause you know what happened, obviously you're old now)

Is it normal to feel that I have so little time and so many things to do? This is how I feel right now. You're probably the only one that can answer these questions for me. I don't feel pressured by surroundings but by me, my inner self. The pressure of being the best version of me, the best person I could ever be.


Where you at, girl? Hollywood I hope.

I have this feelings ever since I was born and nothing will ever change it. I am writing you with my blood boiling only by thinking about it. I wanna be there, I wanna make it. I know I will. BE BRAVE. That's what my name says, BB. Trusting my lioness instinct will get me there, as it always did. Right. No question mark here.

One life, only one life in which I can do whatever I want to. So I'll be and I'll do what I want but first, I'll be kind. That's what mom taught me. Kindness, love & and the essence of every single moment. But you already know that.

Help people, listen to them, get to know their stories, their goals... This will make me achieve one of mine. Didn't it?


Is this still my motto? Probably cause I can't think of a better one. Oh wait, I can. BE AUTHENTIC. I can't think of a life that's not authentic or at least I can't think of mine like that. I hope you're happy, just like today. I am now happy, my family and friends love me, I am still very young and very restless. Do you need any other reasons? Me neither. Don't ever change, and most importantly.. DON'T FORGET TO BE AWESOME.


I love you so much, B


P.S Enjoy today just like at your 20th anniversary. <3




Zara suit

Tria Alfa brooch

Musette shoes

Pull&Bear top



(make up by me)