Today is a special day and I want to celebrate it with you by sharing some photos that were taken by Sorin Sirbu on the top of the mountain Straja (1868 m) about a month ago. Him and his girlfriend, Patris, were so amazing and managed to capture our true selves.

Love is such a fragile and strong thing at the same time. Once you find it, you never want to let it go, because it feels as good as being at peace with yourself. I pray that all of you that read these words right now, will experience this magical feeling called love. One year ago, on this day.. I met my absolute best friend, my human. I always knew that I’d find him and that he’s somewhere, out there, living his life until we finally connect and we can start living it together.. and then it happened.

Love is beauty, love is kindness and when it’s the right kind of love, it doesn’t disappoint. It only makes you wanna bloom all year long, not just in Spring. When your heart is smiling along with your brain, you won. When their touch is reaching your soul, you won. When it feels almost like you’ve lived all of your lives together and yet, you just had to live one more because 29876362 were not enough, you won! It’s not a game, but it feels like you’re winning.

Being present is such a beautiful present! I’ve lived one year full of beautiful moments, presents that I will always keep in my heart. I hope you’re going to enjoy these pictures because they’re the ones that describe how this year has been. Scroll down to see a glimpse of our love story.


B & M <3


Hey everyone,


I came back with good news! I finally got my dream sunglasses, I’ve been dreaming about them since I first saw them on the catwalk and now, they’re finally mine..

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MIU MIU is one of my favorite brands ever and I feel like they truly create the most unique pairs of sunglasses. I found the one that matches my soul, have you? <3


Here are a bunch of pictures just for you to enjoy <3



Hope you like them,




photography: Amalia Gaita