Hi fashion lovers,

I hope you’re starting your Monday as good as I’m starting mine…with another shooting!

Today I’ll ask myself a quick question.. Have I ever been in love? Oh yes, so many times ♥️I’ve been in love with pearls,spikes,sequins, denim & everything else you identify in my outfit today. I always highlight the fact that if you feel confident in whatever it is that you’re wearing your attitude will spread around with the world. Oh & I felt so chic.
I’m so happy that I get to interact in this artsy way with one of my besties…interact as in her taking the photos & doing my makeup. ( yas ) If you love what you do and what you do loves you right back the results will be as satisfying as they are for me.
As I said in the title “Life’s short, wear sequins” ? it’s true, they never run out of style… and out of sparkle. They come and go just as we do day by day. Sequins will always come back in the fashion industry in one way or another, the thing about them is they either look very cheap or very chic – there’s no way in between. Choose wisely.

Enjoy my makeup & tell me what you all think. Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll have a great week ahead of you.








dsc_0487 dsc_0489






dsc_0715 dsc_0716



Zara: shirt, denim jacket, bag

Forever 21: dress

Vintage earrings

Stradivarius jeans



Thank you so much Iulia Nicoli for the makeup & the photos <3

Cover your life with #STARDUST

Hi good people,


Today I will debate a bit more “issues” (more issues than Vogue haha). It’s Thursday so why not, it’s a good day to do so. This cute girl, Ema, created the prettiest choker of them all.. it’s powder pink and has a pearl!!! What a dream… If you know me you know that I am in LOVE with pearls and pink. Just look at that BIUtiful velvet material that makes your neck look like a long swan’s neck! There’s this trend that’s been going on for a year and a half & I love it. Why? Cause I’ve always been in love with chokers and now I have a bunch of varieties of them to choose from. Diversity is great, I love diversity. Also, they’re so chic..nobody can resist them!

I went for a coffee with Ema and what I saw was that she’s really passionate about what she’s creating, why did she started out? Cause she realized she’ll never find the choker of her dreams only if she creates it with her own hands.

If you support fresh and talented artists, check Ema’s chokers out here with just a click away from ya:

There’s isn’t an exact reason why I am going to write these facts but I felt like doing it so, Imma do it.. it’s not about chokers, it’s not about an exact thing. Just my way of saying.. be you! Do your thing! Amaze this world with your uniqueness.

Do you guys realize that everything is just but just a trend which does not stay more than one year in the industry? Have you noticed?! I bet you did. Everyone is crazy right now with the contouring, the perfect selfie, the perfect life on instagram. Dot. Even if we like or not these are real facts.

The famous NET STOCKINGS, those are really everywhere. And I don’t want to be misunderstood, I love them .. I also had an outfit with beige net stockings but hey.. let’s get back on this planet. Why is this always happening? Why are we manipulated by the fashion masses in this way? Why?!

Why can’t we all be unique? Well.. we are. Let’s just act like it. Again, I’m not being rude I’m amazed how far these things can go. From the little basic stuff such as using a popular following the trend of having what’s on the market/spotlight in the moment. Why?! I keep asking myself this question and of course I have a couple of answers to them but what I wanna say is that the change I want to see in the world is for all of us to be equal,to stop being judgmental, to have a personal and own style and to be kind.

I have so many thoughts crossing my mind everyday but I’m not sure I’m ready or want to be ready to write them all in here. There is enough time of course.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post and my powdery outfit!

See ya soon,


dsc_0246 dsc_0253



dsc_0312 dsc_0313 dsc_0314 dsc_0334



Stardust choker

Nikes rose gold Huaraches

Primark socks

Zara- both layers of dresses

Zara trench & fur

H&M bag

Tenue de Saf earrings

MUA me 😀