I wanna start by thanking Valerie Ejiero for taking this journey of mine on another level. I have to admit, London can be a bit harsh when it comes to finding people that have the same vision as you do. Thankfully, Val followed me all the way to Notting Hill, trying to put into pictures how it really felt to be there. A colorful mind will always give you a colorful life. Well…imagine living in a colorful neighborhood such as the famous Notting Hill. (by the way, if you haven’t seen the movie yet.. stop everything and watch it)

I know I said South Kensington is my favorite area in London but Notting Hill is like, ten minutes away so it’s kind of the same thing! The coffee shops will steal your eyes and the cute shops your money! (this was a joke haha…)

It’s always fun to go and explore the city you live in. If it happens to be London, or if it happens for you to have the chance to come and visit it, you have to go to Notting Hill and stop by my favorite cafe called Farm Girl. Taking the breakfast or brunch there is pure gold. I am not a vegetarian but if you are, you are gonna love it even more. I promise. This was just an extra point, as if this place wasn’t good enough!

If you don’t believe me, watch this ‘behind the scenes’ video that Val made for her YouTube channel: 

It’s really interesting to see how everything is actually happening when you’re wandering around, taking pictures and tourists are probably thinking you’re someone BIG and they stop and stare! Ahaha <3

And if you know me, you know my outfit wasn’t going anywhere close to complete without a little pink. Especially cause this area pretty much is, pink! I hope you’ll be more inspired after seeing these pictures, our video and my total look overall because we really had fun and we enjoyed ourselves! <3 BIG UP FOR VALERIE!

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See you soon,







Hey guys,

It’s a new year.. but same us! If you ask me, we shouldn’t stay the same or change; we should just get better. I hope this is what 2018 will be all about. Getting better, having a better attitude towards people and ourselves.

I really wanted to outline the fact that clothes never really manage to wear you if you have the right attitude. In time, I’ve realized how many things can change if you have the right one. For me, attitude and style are the same word. Why? Because I always feel like my style is defined by my attitude. Sexiness always meant much more for me than showing off my body, I believe that women have the ability to express it throughout more than that. It may seem weird but this outfit, without having to show any skin really made me feel sexy.

One of the best things that you can do for you, is to learn how to love yourself and accept the body that you live in just as it is. Your body is your greatest temple and taking care of it should be your favorite activity. The rest, will follow! <3

This coat is probably my all time favorite! I just adore the colors, the mix between them and the materials. I got it from Asos and lately I have just been obsessed with it. Guess what, I got it for 80 pounds but you can get it for 32.. that’s a nice bargain!! I will leave the link with it right here: <3

I hope you’ll enjoy this set of pictures as much as I enjoyed shooting them! <3 See you next time, with another outfit.

& don’t forget, DREAM ON.



Asos coat

Zara shoes & shirt

TopShop sunglasses

Amalia Gaita Photography & makeup by me! <3