Today’s post is about a super casual street style combined with clothes that came from different surroundings. A pair of jeans can really do everything. I didn’t even have to choose colors for it, as you can see… black& white and a bit of grey are very present not only here but in our lives in general. Anyone can rock a basic black hat if they do it with attitude, not only it makes the outfit complete, it also makes it shine and rock at the same time. Street style is a type of fashion that is very personal to you, it can go here and there¬†without any restrictions, you can barely do anything; just make sure to free your imagination. It may be seen controversial to other but do not get shy.It is something that is trendy and cool and displays your own personality and style.

The one who took all these shots is Ancira Adeon – a very talented young photographer.

It may not seem that important but the photographer is also crucial, he should have an open mind and a vision as similar as you do ( well Ancira did ) and I thank him for that.

Do not forget :

” Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.”

Have a BIUtiful day,





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Wearing :

Zara : statement necklace, trench

Forever 21 : crop top

Jimmy Choo : hand bag

Vintage : jeans

Musette :  sandals

Stradivarius : hat


Hello everyone,

Today I thought I should spread for a bit around some of my tips on how to be very original and look good at the same time. This outfit represents something very casual but cool. You may not believe but some of those pieces were actually very cheap , well , that’s because they’re vintage ( and great ) . If you take the right time to look for them in a “CarBoot Sale” you’ll be surprised how many cool stuff you’ll find. For example, the jeans and the vest were bought from a place like that. I added a bit of a “Flower power” effect to the vest as you can see to make it look even more fresh and fun. Anyone can do that ( you too ) :)…

Of course you have to be very careful on how you accesorize the old stuff but they work very well with almost anything that you think it fits and makes the outfit go round!

Oh yes… let’s talk about denim! Who doesn’t love it?! It has always been an everyday symbol for style, it’s comfortable and it looks good!

This what YSL once said..

I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.

Well he didn’t..

Jacob Davis did in 1871 ( yes, looong time ago). Cheers to Jacob!

I hope you all find this post helpful. Always feel free to explore your style , dare to combine!

Have a BIUtiful end of Saturday,


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Vintage denim vest & jeans

Zara sandals

Jimmy Choo bag

Zara Crop top

Moschino Case

Quay Australia sunglasses

Zara belt