Hey guys,


Recently I’ve come to a point where I realized that we’re all made of materials & patterns. You don’t have to judge anyone, that’s the ideal part of our lives. That we’re different.

If your pattern is different than anybody else’s then…you are doing something right. If not, you gotta change the material! Haha, metaphorically talking. Of course.

It’s so nice to explore different personalities and see how different we are but still, the same. Today I’m surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of materials and the power is in my hands. I get to choose the one that fits my personality. I get to choose the one that is right for me, the one I really love. It’s the same with people, ain’t it? Yes, exactly.

Out of every outfit, I chose the one with different animal prints. Why? It represents me. I am a lioness, always have been, always will be. If we’d be getting into a real convo you’ll find out that I’m a lion ascending in…lion! I don’t really read the Horoscope but I have to say that my zodiac sign represents me maybe more than anything else. The print that i’m wearing isn’t exactly picturing the lion but it was pretty close. đŸ˜€

Ok, enough with the long talk. Let’s get to some serious issues. The photos are taken at Texline Timisoara. Long, short, big, small, patterned, simple,black or white you’ll find that there! Visit them at http://texline.eu/applications/texline/index.php

Thank you so much for reading!


Have a BIUtiful Monday,




_MG_9109 _MG_9100




_MG_9012 _MG_9017


Wearing all Zara <3

Photography –  Ancira Adeon

2017 is the new BLACK

Hey guys,


I know I just said 2017 is the new black & I’m wearing purple. Ironic, huh? Maybe.. but you all know that I can’t follow the majority part of people when it comes to style. I encourage you not to do it too.

But! There’s a but… about 2017. I have the same thoughts as you guys do. I do want to be a better me, become a better version of Biu. I want to do things that scare me, embrace me more than ever & show you how much I have inside of me when it comes to fashion.

I feel like it’s our time, we are young; is there anything stopping us? If yes.. throw it into the garbage section of the brain and move on. Do what makes you happy, be happy.

Hey, we only got one life. ONE life! Let’s make it count. Not only for us but for the ones that are going to need an example to follow in their life. Do you wanna be that example? Yes, me too…

Almost forgot to talk about what I’m wearing. Do you like it? I can’t tell you how much I love those slippers and how much I cannot wear them right now cause it’s freezing AF! Of course these shots were taken before Romania turned into Laponia. These slippers are from H&M with a little add of Biu sparkle meaning adding those brooches, also from H&M. Cute, aren’t they? <3

I really do hope your 2017 started as good as mine, together with my family and friends.


Have a BIUtiful Monday,


BBb c d e img_7216 img_7247 cute img_7306 img_7310 img_7328 img_7342 img_7380 img_7460 img_7476 img_7477 img_7503 img_7523 img_7525 img_7558


Zara: fur, dress, belt, bag, shirt

H&M: slippers, brooches

Malvensky necklace