Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day

Hello world,

It’s been more than two weeks since my last post but I hope you’ll find this one as charming as the other ones. I’m not here to put fashion magic on anyone, I just dress to feel good. So.. I thought, if it makes me feel good why would’t I try to put everyone else in a good mood?
This outfit looks very simple and complicated at the same time(but it’s not,at all). I am actually wearing a skirt as a top and… yes, my pants are actually pyjama pants. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and materials because they may end up looking marvelous together. A bit of that and that and there it is; the perfect outfit to go almost anywhere,even in bed ( those pants are soooo comfy) . A cocktail party could work out very well too! I can say the outfit is very much inspired from the 60’s , the influence can be very blurred ( of course if i’d go back in the 80’s nobody would notice that i’m an outsider). But the present is here and we live it as it is , we dress as we want and we love what we want so if it makes you feel like a little sneaky rebel wear it, if it doesn’t …don’t! Haha, that was kind of a joke. Fashion is so free and independent , nobody should be afraid to try something new.

Never forget…
Fashion changes, style remains forever

Have a BIUtiful day,
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Zara skirt

Oysho pants

Musette sandals

Zara sunglasses

Accessorize clutch