Hello guys,

Today I have the pleasure to present you this beautiful fashionista from Timisoara, Monica Wasp.  Since the first time I saw her I knew we had to do something together for my blog. We kind of agreed on wearing B&W just for you to see colors in our vibes. I guess this is what it looks like when a blonde and a brunette get along. It’s always nice to meet up people with the same tastes, thoughts as yours. Monica is definitely one of them.

Down below you’ll find shots of us in different moods,vibes and places. No, these aren’t really something you could call a “complicated outfit” ,they’re both very simple but with strong pieces added ;such as a tutu which can really have a great impact anywhere.. or a long dress… “Nothing goes out of fashion sooner than a long dress with a very long neck.” (CC)

Ambrose Bierce once said.. ” Fashion is a despot whom the wise ridicule and obey.” I think that’s what we really usually do in a good manner without making anyone sad about it, but happy instead. When modern clothing is combined with what we call today “vintage” I really believe something magic happens somewhere in between; not because the clothes look good together but because an old memory only becomes better when you get a new one…

If you choose well ,clothes will start embracing your body so good, you’ll fall in love over and over again when you wear them. That’s what we did with our clothes and will do in the future.


“Never fear being vulgar, just boring.”

-Diana Vreeland (My favorite)

Kisses ,




_MG_8728 _MG_8733 _MG_8735

_MG_8795 _MG_8799 _MG_8800 _MG_8802



  • BB
  • Nympha dress
  • Musette sandals
  • Zara : crop top , pants , sunglasses


  • Polaroid sunglasses
  • Aldo boots
  • Lindex shirt
  • SH skirt


Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day

Hello world,

It’s been more than two weeks since my last post but I hope you’ll find this one as charming as the other ones. I’m not here to put fashion magic on anyone, I just dress to feel good. So.. I thought, if it makes me feel good why would’t I try to put everyone else in a good mood?
This outfit looks very simple and complicated at the same time(but it’s not,at all). I am actually wearing a skirt as a top and… yes, my pants are actually pyjama pants. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and materials because they may end up looking marvelous together. A bit of that and that and there it is; the perfect outfit to go almost anywhere,even in bed ( those pants are soooo comfy) . A cocktail party could work out very well too! I can say the outfit is very much inspired from the 60’s , the influence can be very blurred ( of course if i’d go back in the 80’s nobody would notice that i’m an outsider). But the present is here and we live it as it is , we dress as we want and we love what we want so if it makes you feel like a little sneaky rebel wear it, if it doesn’t …don’t! Haha, that was kind of a joke. Fashion is so free and independent , nobody should be afraid to try something new.

Never forget…
Fashion changes, style remains forever

Have a BIUtiful day,
BBDSC_0877 DSC_0836 DSC_0860 DSC_0829 DSC_0894 DSC_0848DSC_0943 DSC_0902DSC_0841 DSC_0945





Zara skirt

Oysho pants

Musette sandals

Zara sunglasses

Accessorize clutch