SUZY PARKER – the red-headed girl

Today’s inspirational quote..

“There were great models before and after Suzy,but she was something else-a read-headed force of nature, a wolf in chic clothing , the one flesh-and-blood woman in a world of exquisite creatures.”

-Richard Avedon

(The photographer Richard Avedon has taken some of the most beautiful and best fashion photographs in the world. His “shots of style” are works of art. Classics of timeless beauty)

Have a BIUtiful Thursday (what is left of it) ,



Mon Dieu why are they staring at us?!

They say that Spring brings us joy and grows the best inside of us just like the beautiful flowers growing after a long Winter. This is what happened with this super cool guy named Erik!  We decided to grow something beautiful and try to put our superpowers together and see what happens. This is the first but not the last project as we may call it we’re doing together. We both definitely have a #PassionForFashion so why not unite our magic powers?! Look what happened when the Polka dots met the Veil! Everything was shot right on the Victory Street so I suppose that will bring us the Victory!

No, don’t expect to see #AllBlack outfits cause you won’t. They’re just almost #AllBlack!

How can you not love how the Haute Couture can be renewed only with a couple of accesories?!

Have a BIUtiful Thursday,


DSC_0312DSC_0303 DSC_0385DSC_0298

I am wearing :

-Maria Lucia Hohan dress

-Stradivarius flats

-H&M jacket

-Zara clutch

-Vintage hat- late 20’s