Starting something BIUtiful

Hey there,

Today is the day I finally open my blog. This is not going to be just another fashion blog, at least I hope so. I love inspiration, and if I love it…why wouldn’t I give others that too?! In time, you’ll find plenty of outfit ideas and what the idea of beauty means to me.

I don’t usually have boundaries…or Seasons. If I like it, I wear it. I love that fashion gives me the oportunity to create my own masterpiece everyday and get to wear it. One thing is for sure, fashion changes me everyday, one day I could be walking around dragging after me a red carpet and the other just shine in a pair of sneakers. If I dress good, I feel good…and If I feel good, I act good.

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy fashion.

Have a BIUtiful day


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– Zara dress

– Musette sandals

-Forever 21 denim jacket

-Zara sunglasses

Photos by : Teodora Marescu