Velvet Superpowers

2020 was the year that really tested how strong we truly are. So… this is the year we all became superheroes! I challenge you to post an outfit that makes you feel like the world is yours or that makes you feel like you have superpowers.

This is the outfit that gives me all the superpowers in the world <3

Asos – sunglasses, the Laue-earrings, Zara-bag, random outlet-shoes, tracksuit-pourlesrebelles, watch-daniel wellington! <3 I’m in love with every single piece.

I wanna thank @inspireachother for taking these pictures that portray the superwoman mood and embody the power that I was looking for in 2020 <3

I can’t wait to see your outfits, tagg me <3


Hey guys,


I know…long time no see and there are no excuses even if I do have a couple of them…haha! I am currently home and I had some time to spare for a little shooting even if I swear I’d love to shoot everyday my outfits. I still owe you two posts from the States and a recap of some old shoots I did and I promise I will do them as soon as possible.

These braids are very popular these days and I must say that anything popular usually stays away from me. I had braids a year ago and I really loved them but right now I feel like everyone wears them on a daily basis; so I thought, let’s give these braids a new vibe and a new color, when I first decided to make them I wanted to have 20 of them but my hair said no…too much! Sooo I had to stick to only 9 braids. Anytime you have an idea stick to it, do it because why not? I had no idea it was going to look this cute, also boyish…also classy/chic in a way so put your ideas in something real.

The flowers…..AH!!!! The flowers…they make so happy and I bet you girls feel the same :). When I saw this park it was love at first sight, all surrounded by tulips,by beautiful vibes…I knew I had to shoot something here ASAP, and I did. I hope you like the results, just look at those amazing flowers, just smelling the air around them makes me feel better. Conclusion…more flowers,more happiness!

Alsoooo…. I just can’t help myself to put this quote here( one of my favorite quotes ever )

” The flower doesn’t dream of the bee, it blossoms and the bee comes.”

And with this I’ve said it all.

Till next time,

Have a Beautiful day,




Zara bag
Venice beach sunglasses 😀
Top Fashion dress