Hey guys,

First of, friendly reminder, today is Monday. Which means for some of us school has started but that does not stop us from still enjoying this beautiful weather. If you take a look down, you’ll see a pretty swimsuit that can be combined with almost anything, and this is why it is so cool ( wear it anywhere with anything, you won’t fail).

My favorite piece here is the Mohito skirt, full of lips getting ready to kiss YOU. Pale colors are made to make you look way younger and summerish but I’ll always stick to them in any season ( + we’re talking about pink ). They say that in the forties and the fifties every woman wanted to dress like the movie stars, I think that hasn’t changed a bit..

In any way, I’ll remain faithful to this statement made by Ralph Lauren :

” Fashion is transient , trends come and go. I believe in style, not fashion. “

Until next time,



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Diva Charms swimsuit

Mohito skirt

Zara sunglasses

Musette sandals

Peacocks hat



When Mary Quant meets Manoush

Hey everyone,

           Today’s post is focused on fashion houses through the ages and its miracles. Combining old and brand new pieces can really do a good impression. I can tell. If I shall say it in style…it’s all about Mary Quant. Two months ago I went to England and yes, I ve found Englands treasures. My umbrella today…screams Mary Quant(found it in an Antique shop).

             Mary Quant was a very famous fashion designer ages ago, she helped out put London on the fashion map and it continued to be like that till now. She was a very talented British designer, she also launched the so called ‘miniskirt’. The 60’s wouldn t have been the same in the fashion industry without her. I am very thrriled to own an original Mary Quant umbrella and get to wear it! Accesories really do matter a lot in an outfit.

             I know, the famous piece in this outfit is the skirt ( we all love Manoush and the way it captures the eye with its amazing designes) but I do view it differently. Everything we see is so much more, a person who sees only fashion in fashion is a fool.

        Christian Dior once said:

“At the risk of being thought soulless and without denying my interest in architecture and interior decoration, I must admit that clothes are my whole life.”

            Have a BIUtiful almost weekend ever,


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Wearing :

Manoush skirt

Pull and Bear crop top

Zara Sandals

Orsay jacket

Mary Quant umbrella