Hello guys,

I can officially write it. It’s Spring & I couldn’t be happier! What are we gonna wear these 3 biutiful months? We’re gonna wear anything that we’re comfortable in but also, metals!!! Even though some pieces might seem a bit too much for the day light…they’re not, trust me! And if you don’t trust me, check these photos right below. ->

Now let’s talk a bit about hair & make-up. We always wanna be fresh, right? We want to establish new vibes & that’s okay because that means you want to become a better version of yourself. If you look closely I’m wearing a very light, dusty pink make-up and I’m putting the accent on the illuminator, not on the lips, not on the eyes but on the contour of the face. This Spring we wanna be as natural and flowery as we can.

This special pony tail was made by the one and only Robert Pusok who also dyed my hair blonde. You can see that I am also wearing colored highlights; they make the tail look different & fun.

Don’t forget DENIM + METALS = LIFE

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Have a great Monday,


Amalia Gaita photography

Evolution,not revolution




Hey there,

Day by day…

Fashion is more than just a blend of fabrics and colors; it is more than cut and design , more than mere superficially and attractive appearances. In fact, I think fashion responds to the vibrations emitted by the spirit  of the times, it mirrors the mood of the society in colors, cuts, patterns and fabrics.

Today I tried to put into clothes what John Galliano said „ My role is that of a seducer.”

…the animal print which always feels right and the pearls which will always and forever make me feel like one of a kind Marylin Monroe. Rules?! No, there are no rules, if  you feel like wearing animal print with pearls do it, if you don’t , don’t. It’s up to you and only you. Stop overthinking, you should enjoy fashion, like a good wine!

If today is about Galliano .. that’s what he said:

„ I am here to make people dream, to seduce them into buying beautiful clothes and to strive to make amazing clothing to the best of my ability . That is my duty.”

Enjoy life, enjoy fashion.

Have a BIUtiful end of Tuesday,





cmcmcmcmcmmrgtrgtrtWearing :

Zara jumpsuit

H&M blazer

Nifty by Josephine necklace

Musette sandals

Meli Melo sunglasses